BME in Cambridge

Although BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students are underrepresented at Cambridge, there are lots of spaces specifically created by and for students of colour.

There are a number of culturally specific societies as diverse as the BME communities that cover anything from welfare and entertainment to political activism. Examples are ACS, ASCU, Pakistan Society, Bangla Soc, Sikh Society, or Anglo-Japanese Society just to name a few. Furthermore, Fly is a society specifically for women and non-binary students of colour. Fuse is a safe space for queer students of colour. Bread Theatre and Film Company is a theatre company focussing on productions by BME students. Also, look out for BME formals and bops organised by societies or through individual colleges.

The university-wide CUSU BME campaign represents BME students, addresses issues through official channels and aims to improve the overall educational and social environment for BME students. They also hold educational as well as welfare events. Meet their committee here and stay up to date by following them on Instagram or Facebook. The Cambridge Decolonising Network is another important address for uni-wide activism.

If you want to talk to someone professional about mental health and welfare, Lucy has a college-based counsellor who is BME herself. Simply request a BME counsellor under section 8 when filling out the pre-counselling form.


Here you can find college-specific information on reporting mechanisms in case you experience harassment.