Book a room/bed/punt/others

Book a room

You can book a room in the college free of charge as long as it has not been booked already.

To book a room, please, visit or contact porters lodge at:

Book a bed

Camp beds can be rented from the Lucy porters lodge any day of the week for only £4 per night. This is perfect for when you are pitching friends and family for a night or two.

Book a croquet set/badminton set/giant Jenga

Sports equipment could be rented at any time for free. The croquet and badminton sets are in the cage upstairs, giant Jenga is in the SU closet. Reach out to: js2510

Book facilitator/creative kit

Art equipment could be rented at any time for free. The art sets are in the SU closet. Reach out to: js2510

Book a punt CANCELLED for 2020/21

Punts can be rented from St. Johns at ANY TIME for £5 per hour.

You do not need to pre-book or arrange this through the student union, just rock up at St. John's (Cripps Porters' Lodge) and a punt is yours! Remember to bring your student ID and say you are from Lucy.