Creative Writing Society

A new Creative Writing Society in Lucy


On the 10th of October, a new Society for aspiring creative writers was born. It is led by Ekaterina Pushnaya (aka Catherine) and Kimberley Hermo, two Lucy students. And whether you just want to make friends, to watch others present their work (be it enthusiastically or condescendingly), or to try your luck with writing, you shall fit.


The might of pen and paper, or, in this case, computer screen, can barely be dampened by the pandemic. Although it is planned to arrange some in-person meetings later that conform to the existing regulations, the first - and most - social gatherings will take place online. 


It is also planned to invite notable writers and literature enthusiasts to do virtual talks every once in a while, so feel free to drop in for as much or as little as you like. 


You don't have to be a Lucy Cavendish student, too, whole Cambridge is invited! And should you have any friends from other places who want to join, do not hesitate to bring them.


The Society aims to openly discuss all presented fiction and to provide feedback. If a piece of literature is a success within the Society, you might be helped to publish it, at least within the University.


Feel free to contact Catherine at ep505@cam about becoming a member!

LCCWS's constitution: