It is our pleasure to announce that officer positions in the SU team will open in Michaelmas term. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in your college. The SU has already managed to convince the college to fit microwaves in the accommodation, create a new body for graduate students, to win 50 Ben & Jerrys and organise prominent events. This is your chance to contribute!

Being an SU member has many perks such as freebies, learning new skills and most of all creating a network that can shape your future career.

Please send your manifestos to our president at js2510 by the 6th of November 2020 at 1:00pm.


Timeline (British Summer Time):

1.    Deadline to submit a manifesto

        6th of November midnight

2.    Hustings

       7th of November 6PM

3.    Elections

       8th-9th of November Deadline to vote is 23:59

5.   The next open meeting of the SU

      19th of November 7PM

5.   The next closed meeting of the SU

      26th of November 7PM

*The new officer takes over the office on the 26th of October till the end of the Summer term 2021 (activities and campaigns are not expected but appreciated during the exam and summer term).

**It is also important to note that you can run for more than one role. Nevertheless, once elected you will have to choose one.

Open positions:

2 Entertainment officers

This is the most social role and we are looking for at least a further 3 individuals. The ents keep us all going during term time, reminding us that yes we do have a social life and, no, work is not everything. The Lucy Bops, in particular, used to be legendary, but ents used to also organise swaps, aperos and even ceilidhs. This year, the SU is looking to invest heavily in alternative events and for officers, this is a great opportunity to network, meet other students and even build new partnerships with famous speakers, firms, colleges and professionals. 

Sports and societies officer 

The officer works on expanding and nurturing our societies base. If you want to work on having more societies, more funding and better sports facilities - then this role is for you!


We have a thriving LGBTQ+ community at Lucy and this is your chance to help cater to it. Past LGBTQ+ Officers have arranged LGB-Tea Parties (Q+ also welcome) and trips to events like the Rainbow Ball and karaoke. A really important role and fundamental to making Lucy the diverse and welcoming place it is.

IT and Webmaster officer 

es and liaising with the IT team based in the library, this role consists of championing the student voice in issues of connectivity, pc access and assorted platform concerns. We all know how integral our tech is to our studies - this is really an opportunity to help people get the most out of their education. Occupying this role will demonstrate to employers your IT fluency - a sought after skill in all workplaces.

Disability and conditions officer

Events, campaigns, assuring clarity and accessibility.

Library Officer

The library officer makes sure that students are receiving all they need from the library and bring students' requests to the librarians. This is a fun role, and gives you the opportunity to arrange cosy events. In the past, there have been craft activities like cross-stitch held in the library, as well as the making of Christmas decorations.

Family officer

New and exciting role.

Any topic is missing? Let us know.

Closed positions:

Exec roles will open again in March 2021:




Secretary - Helping out with management and synchronizing other officers and communicating events and updates to the students. If legal savvy the officer can also work on updating our constitution which is an official document allowing us to use the annual budget of up to 20k 

Graduate representative - Representation of graduates to the college, able to directly comment on the college's policies and organise events for graduates.

Officer roles will open again in Michaelmas 2021/22:

Marketing officer

Branding, design, copy, social media, web design... You will work closely with the professional marketing team of the college and the Exec SU team to improve the reach of the SU and the college. This is the role to earn some serious CV points!

Green officer 

This post gives you the opportunity to be Lucy's own climate hero (no pressure). In previous years, Green officers have arranged compost bins for students, assessed the college's environmental impact and helped Lucy to win green impact competitions and 50 pieces of Ben&Jerrys icecream. The compostable take away containers in the dining room were another recent addition. Maybe its time to wage war on college coffee cups or simply compost the coffee beans? You decide. You don't have to be Greta but help us make it better!! (Excuse the cheese)

2 Welfare officers

This has been a very popular role in the past, and the post is usually occupied by two individuals. The role includes catering to the well-being of the student body and, in the past, the welfare officers have been involved in setting up the ever-popular twice-weekly yoga sessions. The welfare team have also organised "take a break" events in exam term which comprised of cute things like ice-cream and petting ponies. I am not writing this with any political agenda whatsoever but PLEASE keep the ponies!!!! Chance to care for your fellow students AND get CV points - what's not to like?

Food and Accommodation Officer

One of the most important roles where you'll have a real opportunity to make an influence! From making sure we have more vegan options in the dining hall, to getting involved in lowering the rent campaigns or simply upgrading the facilities and looks of the common room - you make sure we have good and accessible life in college!


This year this role is going to be more important than ever. The core responsibilities are being a point of contact for all international students, arranging international events e.g. languages exchanges used to be very popular and making the college as welcoming as possible.


The Black and Ethnic Minority Officer at Lucy Cavendish ensures that BME voices are heard in the college.

This may include improving access to the college for BME applicants and generally making sure the college is a welcoming place for all.

Access officer

Access is an issue close to our hearts at Lucy Cavendish. The college is committed to ensuring that the brightest students of all ages and backgrounds can attend Cambridge and that a first-class education is not limited to a privileged elite. There are loads of opportunities to be involved in access, from writing for the student website to getting involved in access days for potential applicants!

Undergraduate representative

Representation of the undergraduates in the Council meetings

Faith Officer Officer

You'll be making sure everyone can easily practice their religion in college, network and discuss values and principles. Either by making sure we have an alcohol-free option for formals or celebrating specific holidays in college - this role enables better inclusivity in college!

Women's Officer

The Women's Officer champions women's rights in Lucy. These include things like arranging consent workshops and access to free hygiene and contraception products. This role will become even more important as we transition from a female-only college to co-ed. It is important to many of us that the feminist principles on which the college was founded are maintained.