Exec Elections 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that positions in the SU exec team will open soon. This is a great opportunity to make difference in our college. The SU has already managed to convince the college to fit microwaves in the accommodation, to provide tons of freebies to our students, to win 50 tubs of Ben & Jerrys and organise many prominent events. This is your chance to contribute!

We are also searching for Summer Graduate Committee members a body that will represent graduate students over the summer and organise events.

Being an SU exec member has many perks! These include: first pick in the accommodation ballot, many freebies, learning new skills and creating a network that can help shape your future.

Please send your manifestos to Amelia Jabry (alj59) by Monday, 8th of March at 23:59pm.


Timeline (British Summer Time):

1. Drinks and cake with the Executive committee 
   6th of March at 2:30 PM GMT

2. Deadline to submit your manifestos

   8th of March at 23:59pm


3. Hustings (Optional)

    11th of March from 6:15 pm till 6:45 pm

    Candidates are welcome to join the SU closed meeting at 7 PM to get to know the committee.


4. Elections

​    11th of March from 23:59 PM till 23:59 on the 14th of March

5. SU Open meeting

    18th of March from 7 PM till 8 PM

    The elected candidates will join the open meeting.


6. The new officer takes over the office from the beginning of the Easter term 2021 for a year.

*It is also important to note that you can run for more than one role. Nevertheless, once elected you will have to choose one.

Open positions:

1. Treasurer


Sharpen your accountancy skills. This person will be constantly cooperating with the college Bursary office, overseeing the SU budget of up to 30k (annual earnings approx. 20k), providing reimbursements and making sure that we invest our money wisely.

Any questions? Drop an email to Yoonseong Choi (yc472)

2. President

Learn to manage teams and work on the long-term strategy of college and the SU. Join weekly Senior Tutor meetings, fortnightly CUSU meetings, termly governing body meetings and provide steady representation. Managing all the members of the SU is the key objective such as overseeing all the fun events and campaigns teams.

Any questions? Drop an email to Jana Hochel (js2510)

3. Vice-president


Learn to manage teams, organize annual events and maintain college traditions. Join weekly Senior Tutor meetings, fortnightly CUSU meetings, termly governing body meetings, and provide steady representation.

Any questions? Drop an email to Amelia Jabry (alj59)

4. Secretary


Improve your legal and communication skills. This essential and vibrant role includes knowing our constitution, being able to assess further changes and procedures. The person organizes open/closed meetings (up to four meetings in total per term), gathers motions, prepares agenda, oversees activities, and shapes the strategy.

Any questions? Drop an email to Cristal Smart (cs2096)

5. Grad Representative (PhD)


Be the voice of graduate and especially, PhD students. Grad Rep ensures smooth functioning of the SU and Summer Committee with a focus on graduate students' needs. Apart from representing graduates in college COVID-19 and Council meetings, they also oversee graduate-tailored social events. This person is closely collaborating with Masters’ and Undergrad Rep that are elected in Michaelmas term.

Any questions? Drop an email to Joey Deng (sd893)

Summer Grad Committee (Summer Committee or SC)

The objective of this body is to represent grad students and to organise events over the summer term. The competences would be similar to summer SU e.g. to use SU funds in order to support its activities but have less rights e.g. cannot change the constitution and the amount of SC budget would be determined by the SU by the end of Lent term.

The positions:

  1. Grad Representative (PhD) (the same person as above, summer treasurer, manager)

  2. 3 Summer Entertainment and Welfare Officers (organizing unforgettable events and community building)


Optional project – Starting up Lucy MCR

The grad students require a cozy place on-site to feel welcomed and more importantly, to be actively involved in the on-site college life and activities. The MCR can be the place for graduate students to study over the summer to make sure that it is comfy and quite despite construction work going on.