Getting Settled

When you first arrive in Cambridge, whether you live on-site or off-site, you will need to go to the Porters' Lodge in the Oldham Hall. There you can pick up your Cambridge ID card and receive a letter from Tutorial that will allow you to open a bank account. Your University Card provides access to your building, your room, and other College spaces. 


One of the first things you’ll want to do is connect to the internet. You can either plug use the Cambridge wifi using your CRSID or the eduroam (that you can access on any uni worldwide).

You will have a chance to discover more about college life during the Bridging week. Over the course of Freshers’ Week, there will be a series of online events to get you settled into the uni life Most are centred in the college, but there will also be a university-wide Freshers' Fair for university clubs (in addition to the college Freshers’ Fair for our own societies). At some point during Freshers’ Week we will take the college photo in our formal gowns and later we will don them again for a matriculation service that formally inducts you as a student at Lucy Cavendish Colege and at the University of Cambridge.

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Remember to get these things done:

1) Open a Bank Account (RBS, Barclays, Lloyds, Monzo, etc.). It is required for all the future college reimbursements.

2) Sign up for a mobile plan (giffgaff is ideal for students as it is cheap and flexible)

3) Buy a formal gown (Ryder & Amies, Ede & Ravencroft's, explore local charity shops or second-hand)

4) Get a bike (with proper D-lock, bell, and lights!)

5) Sign up at the local surgery so you’re in the medical system ("Surgery" = "Clinic" or "Doctor's Office").

6) For groceries, check out Midan, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco.

7) Explore! Check out the view from Castle Hill. Visit the river colleges, Fen Drayton, the museums, and the botanical garden.

Arriving with a Partner or Children

Lucy's is welcoming of all students of any background and that diversity includes families. In general, children are welcome in the CR. There are some events and societies that are appropriate for children such as the Art society. Lucy Cav has also several flats for couples or families.