Lucy Cav-Hughes Hall Badminton Team

The Lucy-Hughes Badminton Team was born several years ago although, it was only this year, in 2020, that Lucy Cavendish created its own adjacent society. This will hopefully be a huge step forward in the representation of women in the team and will lead to the creation of an all Women's Team as well as the Mixed Team that already plays inter-collegiate matches.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner or have never touched a racket before in your life, this is the society for you! You have the option to come train whenever you want, there is no year long commitment as it works on a pay-as-you-go basis. This badminton group is largely an excuse to socialise with another college, let off some steam after
a long week of work, and get better at actually hitting the shuttlecock (then you can finally stop exclaiming 'I swear there is a hole in my racket!')


Badminton takes place once a week, on Thursdays from 9-10pm at the Kelsey Kelridge Sports Centre. If you want any additional information please feel free to email: erv21

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LCH-BC's constitution: