Lucy Isolated Art Exhibition - Competition

It is our pleasure to inform you that the SU is starting a call for Art submissions for the Lucy Isolated Art Exhibition.


The theme is: The illustration of your favourite book


The best 3 pieces of art will be awarded: 1st: £30, 2nd: £20, and 3rd: £10 pounds-worth voucher or product of your preference and exhibited in our Common room and/or on Lucy SU website.


The technique used is completely up to you.


The deadline to submit your artwork is the 12th of November to js2510

e.g. a scan/HD photo/original if online.  


You will receive the results by the 15th of November.

Best wishes,

Your SU


Art works 2020/21

The 2nd Place - Sophia Malik

The favourite book ‘The Alchemist’

The 1st Place - Anna-Theresa Münt

The favourite book ‘The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents'

Sophia Malik.png

Honorary mention - Amy Shailes

The favourite book ‘Chocolat’'

The 3rd place - Rosa Matarewicz

The favourite book ‘Where the Wild things are’

where the wild.png