Our SU cooperates with Talking T's on mass merch printing to keep competitive prices for students.

You can get your hoodie or a jumper with Lucy Crest in the PORTERS LODGE.

If you fancy something else e,g. a puffer jacket, let us know HERE.

Jumper £17

Current stock:

Navy Blue: 1x Small, 5x Medium, 2x Large, 1x 2XL

Light Blue: 2x Large, 1x XL

Maroon:     2x Medium

Hoodie £20

Current stock:

Navy Blue: 2x Small, 4x Medium, 2x Large, 2x 2XL

Light Blue: 2x Small, 2x Large, 1x 2XL

Maroon:      2x Medium, 1x Large

This year our Treasurer is going to order Puffer Jackets with the college crest.