Sports and Societies

The JCR funds and supports your sports and societies!

Browse our gallery below, come to the fresher's fair or if you're interested in starting a new team or society, contact our sports and societies officer Josh.

Lucy Boat Club

Join one of the most iconic Cambridge sports. 

Founded in 1979, LCCBC is the rowing club for all members of Lucy Cavendish College.  We are friendly, sociable and widely inclusive, taking on new coxes, novice and senior rowers each year for both casual and competitive rowing. 2022 was the boat club's most successful year, with both W1 and M1 achieving blades and none of the crews being bumped.



Started in the wake of the pandemic by Lucy student Tom Carr, the regular open mic night has proven incredibly popular with students across Cambridge. Music, Poetry, Comedy - All is welcome at Live@Lucy. You don't have to be a Lucy student to perform or attend, just keep an eye on the Live@Lucy instagram and your inbox for news of upcoming events.


The Cavendish Chronicle

The Cavendish Chronicle is a yearly creative-writing and arts print magazine published by Lucy students that aims to highlight the diversity of voices at our vibrant, international college. Issues can be found online and in-college every year.


Lucy Cavenstitch

A society for knitting, crochet, sewing and all things crafty. All abilities welcome!

Lucy Climate Society

(write climate soc)


Lucy Leapers

Welcome to the Lucy Leapers, Lucy Cavs climbing society. When Michaelmas eventually rolls around, we’ll organise some trips to rainbow rocket / Kelsey Kerridge for all levels of climbing or if you just wanna have a chat from up a wall.

Co-Presidents: Yen-Min Ting + Miriam Summers

Co-Treasurers: Leo Petchey + Ben Bateman

Social + Events Officer: Mercy Brewer

Webmaster: Anthony Zhao


Women's and Mixed Netball

Women's and mixed netball are run by Ailsa Antwis. Netball is one of Lucy's most popular sports.


Lucy Enterprise Society

Lucy Enterprise Society was founded in April 2022.  Our vision is to empower the next generation of Lucy Cavendish College Students with a way of thinking that enables them to spot and seize new opportunities that create positive impact and to see them through to implementation.

Lucy Croquet

We are the Lucy Cavendish Croquet Club (LCCC), a team of highly skilled, highly competitive croqueteers who gather whenever the sun comes out to put mallet to ball and battle out a fearsome affair of honour in order to emerge victorious by pegging out first. Generally, Pimms is involved and once a term we go out for a civilised dinner, briefly putting our mallets aside. If nothing else, you'll learn a plethora of good croquet jargon which can serve as delightfully enlightening conversation starters.

Email Clara Billcliff (cmb249) or Eva Van Wyk de Vries (erv21) for info.

Image by Troy Taylor

Cavendish Chorale

Cavendish Chorale has recently been restarted by fellow Dr. Richard Lloyd after the pandemic prevented the choir from meeting. This choir has a long history at Lucy, having been an integral part of the college community for many years.

"We are a friendly student choir based in Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, UK. We welcome male and female voices from all colleges, undergraduate and graduate, with and without previous choral experience.

We are especially keen to welcome inexperienced and completely novice singers, both from Lucy and from other colleges, who would like the experience of joining a choir, and who would like to learn how to sing in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. We are one of the most inclusive colleges in Cambridge, and we very much wish to extent that welcome to all students from the collegiate university."


Clubs not yet added to website:

Corpus, Peterhouse and Lucy Hockey - Contact Milly Hean eh689

Lucy Cricket Club - Contact Dan Fox dpf30

Mixed Basketball - Denis Pisarskiy dp656

Lucy Feminist Soc - Ioana Manea im492

Lucy Law Society - Needs a new leader. Please speak to Mia.

Lucy Lifting Soc - Nathan Kay nck32

Lucy Men's Football - Eli Tapnack ejt75

Lucy-Hughes Badminton - Eva Van Wyk de Vries erv21 Greogory Gallagher gdmg3

Lucy Tennis Club- Virginina Allessandrini va317

Rugby Scrum

Churchill + Lucy Rugby Union

Rugby is currently a joint team between Churchill and Lucy.

Contact Dan North for details.